Supporting Brevard County's Homeless High School Students.

Homeless High provides homeless high school students with food, clothes, gas money, toiletries, and a special gift on Christmas.

What We Do

We are a community based support system for the more than 250 homeless high school students that call Brevard County "home".

Clothes & Shoes

Having new clothes always boosts your confidence and puts a smile on your face.


No child, at any age, should miss a meal.


We show them they are not forgotten.

To date we have helped more than 65 homeless high schoold students in Brevard County who knew their education was the path to a brighter future.

Keenan, 17, was homeless - Palm Bay High

All he wanted was movie tickets so he could feel normal and enjoy himself, but what he got was hope. He's graduated and now in the Air Force.

Mariana, 16, living with friends - West Melbourne

Caring for her ailing mother and needed a computer to study English proficiency and do homework. She finished out her sophomore year successfully.

Sasha and Matt, parents were living in a tent in Whickam Park - Satellite High

These two were with friends while their parents were in a tent in Wickham Park. Sashe cried tears of joy when she received a phone and minutes so she could talk to her mother every day.

What You Can Do

Our identity, values, and actions are the core of our cause.


Share their courage.


Give a kid hope.


Come lend us a hand

Our Story

Homeless High Foundation’s mission is provide hope, joy and support to Brevard County’s homeless high school students.   The County’s homeless high school population reaches the far ends of the County’s borders, affects every socioeconomic demographic and affects more than 250 students annually.  The Foundation provides Christmas gifts of clothes, shoes, jackets, PC’s, back packs, basketballs, bikes and skateboards and is Brevard County’s only nonprofit focused on supporting the homeless high school population.


Homeless High started in November of 2013 as an effort to support a homeless student of Satellite High School.  This determined junior was living in her car, in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center and still making it to class. Every morning she would wake up in her car,  get ready for her day and then go to class.  Her strength and determination was the inspiration for the Homeless High Foundation.  Since the Foundation’s inception, over 65 homeless students just like her have been recipients of the Homeless High Foundation’s Secret Santa program and college scholarships.


There are so many inspiring stories to share about these students and their determination.  In 2014 the Foundation was captivated by the story about a sophomore student who had lost his mother and was couch hopping nightly. He had been with different friends or relatives every night.  The next year, a story about another girl living in a car with her Aunt in Palm Bay.  Another student was living with friends while her parents were in living in a tent in Whickham park with no means to communicate with each other.  Another in Cocoa and sleeping in the parking lot of McDonalds.


The most amazing aspect of these stories is that these kids, yes kids, stayed in school against all odds. They mustered up the strength and determination to change the direction of their lives and continue their education. How inspiring.  How captivating.  How profound to have that kind of determination while facing the most challenging of situations. It’s absolutely amazing that these students were overcoming such obstacles and championing their future.


In 2016, the Homeless High Foundation was established as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and Brevard County got its first and only charity to support homeless high school students.


Our outreach is made possible in partnership with Brevard County School’s and their appointed homeless liaison’s.  If you know of a homeless high school student in need please contact us.

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